Predicting Criminal Behavior through Offender Profiling: An Examination of Its Effectiveness in Sargodha, Pakistan


  • Touqeer Abbas Guest Lecturer, Department of Sociology & Criminology, University of Sargodha Pakistan
  • Asiya Anwar Lecturer, Department of Social Work, University of Sargodha, Pakistan
  • Khadija Ijaz Lecturer Law, University of South Asia, Lahore, Pakistan



Offender profiling, criminal investigation, Offender Profiling, Criminal Investigation, Law Enforcement Agency


Offender Profiling is an approach used in the modern-day world to investigate known crimes of unknown offenders. The present study aims to evaluate the admissibility of evidence based on offender profiling, identify potential misinterpretations, and assess the impact of offender profiling on investigations in Sargodha district, Punjab, Pakistan. The qualitative research method was employed to conduct this study and a total of 40 participants were selected on the basis of their professional experience. Primary data was collected through interviews from police officers, prosecutors, judges and practicing lawyers of Sargodha District. Rigorous investigation of crimes is crucial for justice, traditional methods often leave crimes unsolved and ultimately results in to acquittal. This study reveals that Offender profiling is a multidisciplinary approach equipped with modern knowledge and techniques and may have the potential to predict criminal behavior by analyzing personal conduct standards and physical evidence, aiding law enforcement in identifying potential perpetrators and victims. To improve the standards of justice, it is recommended to educate law enforcement agencies and equip them with updated knowledge and skills necessary for crime solving. Laws regarding offender profiling evidence should be formulated and applied uniformly to all criminals, preventing acquittal. It makes recommendations for more research in the future and for streamlining initiatives.


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Touqeer Abbas, Asiya Anwar, & Khadija Ijaz. (2024). Predicting Criminal Behavior through Offender Profiling: An Examination of Its Effectiveness in Sargodha, Pakistan. Contemporary Issues in Social Sciences and Management Practices, 3(2), 56–72.




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