Article Processing Charges

CISSMP is a quarterly peer-reviewed journal that publishes innovative research related to policies and contemporary issues regarding social sciences and management practices. Scholars from across the globe, particularly from Pakistan and South Asia, are encouraged to submit their scholarly work to our journal.

CISSMP adheres to the definition of open access established by the Directory of Open Access Journals (DOAJ):
* Free Access: All articles published in CISSMP are immediately available to readers at no cost. There are no fees for access, reading, downloading, printing, copying, distributing, or linking to the full text of articles.
* Open License: Authors retain copyright to their work and grant CISSMP the right to publish it under a Creative Commons NonCommercial license (CC BY-NC 4). 
* Immediate Availability: The full text of all articles is available online immediately upon publication, without any embargo period.

The journal's publication costs are covered by the collection of article processing charges, which are paid by the funder, institution, or author of each accepted manuscript. There are no fees associated with submitting a paper to the journal.

APC will only be paid after acceptance of the research paper. The acceptance of the paper will be processed initially through editorial review, and after initial acceptance by the editor, the paper will be evaluated by two experts (national and international) in the relevant field. After experts’ evaluation, the final decision regarding the acceptance of the paper will be made by the editorial board of the journal.

If, after peer review, your manuscript is accepted for publication to the reviewers’ satisfaction and the editors’ notification, then only a one-time article processing charge (APC) is payable. This APC covers the cost of publication and ensures that your article will be freely available online.

An article processing charge (APC) of PKR 40,000 for the local authors and $150 USD (plus tax where applicable) for international authors will be payable if the manuscript is accepted after peer review.

Failure to make the APC payment within the given time period will cause the removal of your paper from the publication process, and the priority will be shifted to the next accepted paper in queue. Any further queries related to this may be directed to editor@cissmp.com.

How do I pay APC? The author will receive an invoice and instructions after the letter of acceptance.

Fee Waiver Policy

To help and support the researchers (especially research students and Ph.D. scholars) who are unable to meet all of the costs associated with publishing, they may be considered for the waiver policy if they have submitted a high-quality research article with the collaboration of international researchers, subject to approval by the editorial board.